Amsterdam or London

for NEW YEARS?? I can’t decide


My teeth are stinging. CURSE YOU WHITE STRIPS.


so for some reason, this song has been on the local radio like all the time lately. i had no idea who sings it but it sounded somewhat familiar so i looked it up on youtube. turns out it’s from 1995! and it was on the empire records soundtrack. i don’t like that movie though but this song is so catchy haha

this should’ve been posted 2 days ago

10 things to be grateful for August 2012.

  1. fresh air
  2. parties and fun games with family/friends
  3. the end of my summer job
  4. sleeping in
  5. red tea
  6. movies
  7. playing badminton w/ my cousins
  8. family
  9. road trips
  10. 1 step closer to europe 2012 travel plans

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I lie awake every night wondering what could have been what my life would be like now what I’d be thinking now if I’d made different decisions like what if I had chosen different friends, a different school, a different way to dress and act would it have made a difference at all or is all this something I could never change?

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